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Matching Y-Style Harnesses and Standard Leashes for partners-in-crime

Y-Style Harnessses in - Teal x Yellow x Red x Walnut | Olive x Coral x Lagoon x Fuchsia

A lux set fit for royalty, featuring Easy Collar and Universal Leash - Lilac, Merlot, Violet

Laurel Collar - Olive x Walnut x Gold x Solid Brass

Standard Leash - Navy x Olive x Gold x Solid Brass

Easy Collar & Standard Leash - Lagoon x Lilac x Grey x Solid Brass

Colour pop Step-In-Harness, Buckle Collar, and Universal Leash set - Bubblegum x Peach x Teal x Coral

Permanent name debossing on all collars, leashes and harnesses