Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness
Figure 8 Harness

Figure 8 Harness

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Woofloof's Figure 8 Harness is designed to make walking fuss-free and comfortable for you and your pup. The harness wraps around the bottom of your dog's neck to form a secure cross on his/her back just after the armpits. 

With two D-rings, you may choose to attach your lead to the front or back of the harness. The continuous strap design of the Figure 8 harness also makes it more secure for escape artists, while allowing your dog to feel comfortable and uninhibited by the harness. 

  • 5/8 inch Standard Beta BioThane®
  • Solid Brass or Nickel-plated Brass hardware
  • Customise the colours to bring out your pup's and your personality
  • Tailored fit, just for your dog
  • Complimentary personalisation – get your dog's name (up to 12 letters/emoji) debossed on the harness
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Covered by our lifetime guarantee (refer to our policy)

Read more about our hardware and material here

How do I measure my dog's Figure 8 Harness sizing?

Please following the measurement guide below.

1. Measure Your Dog's Size

Refer to the Measurement Guide below to measure each section of the harness. (If you have any questions, drop us a DM or email)

Kindly note that the Figure 8 Harness requires accurate measurements. Any error in sizing that requires replacement or changes will incur additional charges.*

2. Pick Colours & Hardware

Choose your preferred Biothane colours (see Colour Options below) for each section of the Figure 8 Harness, and pick your hardware material (see Hardware Materials).

Woofloof Figure 8 Harness

3. Personalise It!

You'll also enjoy complimentary personalisation (debossing) on your Figure 8 Harness for up to 12 letters/emoji. Refer to our Emoji Options below before filling in your dog's name/details.

*An additional S$10 will be charged for any section that requires changes.

For accuracy, kindly ensure that your dog is standing on four legs while you're measuring him/her for the harness.

Wrap the measuring tape around your dog in a figure eight manner, as illustrated below. This is exactly where your Figure 8 Harness will sit on your dog's body. Your harness will be made-to-measure, so it should mimic the tightness that you'd like it to be worn.

Take note of the measurements of the two loops:

  • Neck loop: The loop formed around your dog's neck, where it meets the start of the measuring tape after going around the neck – in this example below, the measurement is 44cm
  • Body loop: The loop around your dog's body/chest – this measurement is 58cm (102 minus 44)

Input these measurements in your order above.

Woofloof Figure 8 Harness measurement guide

Choose from a variety of gorgeous colours to design your new collar, leash or harness. With almost 30 colours available, there's a combination/pairing to suit every personality, mood or occasion. Don't be afraid to get creative – the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Woofloof Colour Palette

Our solid brass hardware has a longer lifespan than typical brass-plated or zinc alloy hardware commonly found in pet products. It's effectively rust-proof, and is also specially coated with a layer of clear lacquer for extra protection against tarnishing and scratches.

Our nickel plated brass hardware has the same durable solid brass hardware as a base, but is coated with nickel, which is highly corrosion-resistant, and gives the hardware a nice silvery shine.

Woofloof Solid brass and nickel plated brass hardware


Indicate your preferred emoji option(s) with (number). For example, if you'd like the poop and unicorn emoji before and after your dog's name respectively, use:

(7) KATSU (10)

Each emoji can only be selected once, and counts as 1 letter. You may select up to 12 letters/emoji for personalisation.

Biothane debossing and personalisation emoji options | Woofloof

Woofloof is not liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with the purchase or use of our products due to any cause, including but not limited to misuse or improper use of the products, accident, negligence, gross negligence, and/or defect in material, design or workmanship. Each customer is responsible for determining the suitability of all Woofloof products for their individual situation and needs, and accepts all responsibility by purchasing and/or using these products. Please always check and examine all of your gear and equipment before use, whether made by us or others.

Read full Lifetime Guarantee Policy here.

Biothane Material

Biothane is incredibly durable, but it is not chew-proof. Damage due to chewing is not covered by our lifetime guarantee. We highly recommend supervising your dog whenever these products are in use.

Scuffing and scratches are part of normal wear-and-tear of Biothane, and are also not covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Biothane Colours

While we try to ensure that the Biothane colours presented on our website or in our social media images are true-to-life, the colours of the actual product may look slightly different from what you see on screen, as photos may be taken under different lighting conditions and viewed on different monitor screens. 

Production / Personalisation

As each item is produced, assembled, and personalised/printed by hand, there may be slight variations in the appearance of each product, i.e. no two collars, leashes or harnesses will be exactly identical. Kindly allow up to 1cm difference in measurement. 

We do not allow refunds or exchanges for reasons such as perceived colour variation, or less than 1cm difference in measurement. 


We do not advise the quick side release buckle for heavy pullers. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the buckle is securely fastened when worn.