Cleaning & Care



After use, gently wipe your collar or leash with a cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap. Then pat dry completely with a towel. 

Removing dirt

You can also use a soft bristle brush to first remove any dirt or debris caught in the nooks and crannies between hardware and Biothane.

Removing smells

Biothane is stink-proof, but if you find your collar or leash smelling funky, simply soak it in a water diluted with a bit of white vinegar, then towel dry.


Do note that while Biothane is a very durable and versatile material, and cleaning with some elbow grease might remove most stubborn stains, it is not indestructible (e.g. not bite-proof) or stain proof.

Please also avoid using insect repellents near Biothane. Many insect repellents use DEET, an active ingredient that may stain Biothane. As an alternative, do consider using all-natural or organic insect repellents.


Solid Brass hardware: Our solid brass hardware is coated with a clear sealant for extra durability and protection from tarnishing. You can clean them with warm water and a little soap, then pat dry with a towel. When the clear coat eventually wears off, solid brass will naturally tarnish with age, but it will not rust. If you want to restore its shine, polish it with a cloth or paper towel soaked in lemon juice, then rinse in water to towel dry. Or you could let your brass hardware age gracefully for a vintage look.

Nickel Plated Brass hardware: The nickel plated finish has resistance to daily wear and tear, but may eventually wear off to reveal the solid brass beneath. Similar to caring for solid brass hardware, clean these with warm water and soap, then pat dry with a towel.