Measurement Guide

For accuracy, kindly ensure that your dog is standing on four legs while you're measuring him/her for the harness.

Wrap the measuring tape around your dog in a figure eight manner, as illustrated below. This is exactly where your Figure 8 Harness will sit on your dog's body. Your harness will be made-to-measure, so it should mimic the tightness that you'd like it to be worn.

Take note of the measurements of the two loops:

  • Neck loop: The loop formed around your dog's neck, where it meets the start of the measuring tape after going around the neck – in this example below, the measurement is 44cm
  • Body loop: The loop around your dog's body/chest – this measurement is 58cm (102 minus 44)

Input these measurements in your order above.

Woofloof Figure 8 Harness measurement guide