How to install your Bungee Ecollar

1. Using a flathead screwdriver, unscrew the rivets on one side of the collar.  Remove the rivets and loop on the same side. 

2. Insert the two strap through one of the side slots of the receiver, the middle slot of the receiver, and finally the other side slot. Kindly note that as some biothane colours are thicker than others, you might face some difficulty inserting the strap (s) through the middle slot. You may choose to skip that slot and overlap it, or carefully use a plier and cloth to pull the strap through. 

3. Slide the loop back through the straps and use a flathead screwdriver to tighten the rivets until it can't be tightened anymore over the o-ring.

4. Finally, slide the loop and tuck the pointed ends of the strap into the loop to secure.