Our Materials

Strap Material


All Woofloof products are crafted from Biothane®, a waterproof, stink-proof and lasting vegan material. 

Woofloof Biothane colour options | Personalised waterproof dog gear backed by a lifetime guarantee

Think leather – but stronger, more durable, and far easier to clean and maintain. Plus, they come in a variety of gorgeous colours.

We use Standard Beta Biothane® in all our handcrafted products, paired with your hardware of choice:

Hardware Materials

Woofloof | Solid brass and nickel plated brass hardware for Biothane dog collars, leashes and harnesses

Solid Brass Hardware

A combination of copper and zinc, brass is gold in colour and effectively rust-proof. We use solid brass hardware, which has a longer lifespan than typical brass-plated hardware commonly found in pet products. 

Our solid brass hardware is also specially coated with a clear lacquer for added protection.

When the clear coat eventually wears off, brass will, however, tarnish (patina or antique) over time. Tarnish is a natural surface phenomenon for brass, but it does not affect the strength and durability of the metal. 

So if your dog has white or light fur, kindly note: the patina may stain or discolor your dog’s fur at areas where it comes in contact with brass. This can be avoided by regularly removing tarnish on brass – a good polish with lemon juice does the trick! 

Nickel Plated Brass Hardware

With brass as a base, our nickel-plated hardware gives a nice shine and is more corrosion-resistant and hence more durable against environmental factors. That said, the plating may come off with extreme knocks and scratches, which may expose the solid brass beneath it and cause tarnish stains. Use the same tip above to maintain your hardware and remove tarnish. 

Zinc Alloy Plated Hardware

Zinc Alloy is only used in our side release buckles, which can be found on our Easy Collars and selected harnesses. Gear that contains the side release buckle is generally not suitable for heavy pullers. When putting the collar on your dog, always double check that the buckle is securely fastened – both prongs should click in place. If the plated zinc alloy layer is scratched or damaged due to wear and tear, it is possible for the metal to corrode. Damage due to these reasons are not covered under our Lifetime Guarantee.

Woofloof Zinc Alloy Quick Release buckles in gold and silver

Hardware Types

Bolt Snap Hook*

This is the standard snap hook you’ll find used in most dog leashes – they use a spring action (pull down the bolt to open or close) and are easily operated with one hand.

Trigger Snap Hook*

Trigger snaps are designed so that they will not open automatically. They also feature a lever function that allows for quicker release – it’s easier to detach this hook from collars.

*The hardware we use is suitable for most small to medium sized dogs.