Measurement Guide

For accuracy, kindly ensure that your dog is standing on four legs while you're measuring him/her for the harness.

Woofloof Step-in Harness Measurement Guide

 A* Measure horizontally across* from centre of dog's chest. Locate the mid-point of your dog's body, directly below the withers (that's the area directly above the dog's shoulders)
 B Measure from breast bone to elbows. Run your measuring tape from just behind the armpit, between the front legs, to meet A.
 C Measure body's largest circumference. Start at the centre spine, loop the measuring tape under the armpit and up to the starting point.

*Note: For A, only measure halfway across. Do not measure the portion indicated with the dotted line (below).

Corgi in Woofloof Step-in Harness | Step-in Harness measurement guide for dogs